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BhinnoRokom Bazar
Organic, Pure, collected from farmers (Original sources) product is our power. Honesty is our POLICY.
cstechbd is a  software and IT service provider   in Bangladesh. Our  main area  of  business is  product supply 
Emperial Fashion
We, Emperial Fashion are recognized among the industry-leading manufacturers, wholesaler and stock Lots in Bangladesh. We are exporting high-quality Readymade knitwear and woven items such as T-shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweat Shirts, All kinds of Fleece, Pullover Hoodie, Tank Tops, Shirts, Pants, Denim Pants, Jeans, Jackets, Trousers, Jogging suits, sportswear, etc. Satisfying Their Worldwide Customer for Quality and Commitment. Our Clients Range From India, UK, USA, Canada, Spain, Katar, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Phelepain. Cambodia,etc.
National Tea Company Ltd
National Tea Company Ltd. has been formed in the year 1978 under the Companies Act , 1913 , as  a Public Limited Company. It is a Joint venture of the Government and the General Public. Thus it occupies a unique position of being the first in the field of joint ownership of Public and Private interest in Tea sector. (Government and its financial organization holds 51% of shares and rest 49% by the General Public)The Company started with 9(nine) “A”-class tea estates all of which are situated in the Sylhet division. The tea estates are: Patrakhola, Kurmah, Champarai, Madanmohanpur, Madabpur, Jagadishpur, Teliapara, Chundeecherra and Lackatoorah. After the war of Liberation, ownership of these estates was vested in the Government and their management and the operation were entrusted to erstwhile Bangladesh Tea Industry Management Committee, by the Chairman of Tea Board being ex-officio Chairman of that Committee. In pursuance of the government decision 3(three) other Tea Estates namely: Parkul,... More